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Destined for humanity's next home, you must escape a titanic mothership — where an abhorrent lifeform has taken residence.

░░░ [0412] MESG.DISTRESS :: SIGN.AEON-12 :: PLAY.AUDIO ░░░ 


This is unit 0414, I'm aboard the Aeon-12. Woke up a few hours ago, I think, regular maintenance. Got in the mech, started reps, and it just shut down — override kicked in . I'm not sure where we are [zzt▒▒zz] terminals are all still asleep, and I don't have clearance to wake 'em up.  

It's humid in here. There's ... something ... growing on the walls. Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear it's humming, too. Doesn't sound like the ship. Don't wanna get too close, and I *really* don't want to keep breathing it in.

I can't wake anyone up without cracking the terminals, so I need a primacore ... at the top of the ship. Gonna give it a shot.


░░░ [0412] MESG.DISTRESS :: SIGN.AEON-12 :: PLAY.END ░░░


  • A lo-fi science fiction survival horror roguelike: turn-based, permadeath, overwhelming odds, and a slim chance of survival
  • 25 procedurally generated levels across 5 zones
  • Tactical combat with 100-action-point system
  • Unlock more than 40 enemies in the beastiary 
  • Find modules to upgrade your radar and skinsuit
  • Environmental interaction: blast through walls to make a shortcut. Detonate a fission reactor. If all else fails, breach the ship's hull.
  • Learn about the bizarre presence aboard the Aeon and experiment altering your genetic makeup ... for better or worse.
  • Unravel a rich post-Earth narrative as you progress 
  • Inspired by The ThingAlienInfra Arcana & Heart of Darkness



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Windows Demo [build #6 with menu hotfix, 20th of October 2018] 40 MB
Mac Demo [build #6, 9th of October 2018] 47 MB
Linux Demo [build #6, 9th of October 2018] 90 MB

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I really like this. I've been searching for a roguelike with XCOM-like turns. (Now I just want to have multiple characters! Heh heh heh. :) ) The aiming mechanic is a really good idea. The graphics and sounds are really nice too! The UI is a bit funky, but highlighting the control letters makes it easy to figure out most things. Anyway, nice work! Keep it up!


Thank you! We've...often talked about going full XCOM and making EFA team-based, but it's perhaps better served in its own dedicated game. Someday, maybe! The UI is definitely an uphill battle, but we're cranking on it daily. Appreciate the kind words!


No ASCII, no roguelike


Whoa this looks incredible! Definitely going to be following this one closely.


Thank you! Haque's been a blast so far — very impressive. 


can't wait until release or early access ))) Nice demo! Sorry for bothering :D


Great roguelike!! Waiting news!! 


This game is pretty cool! I like the atmosphere and the gameplay is pretty good, altrough it's a little hard to manage the inventory and a little help with the controls (A panel with the buttons or something) would help a lot. I also had a crash, something with the move system of the AI.

I expect more from it! Great game!


Hey, thanks a lot! This version is quite outdated, and we've squashed quite a few bugs since (and added a customizeable keymap too). We took a microbreak this month but will be back on it shortly — stay tuned!