Build #9 (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Announcing the return of the updated Linux build! Take it out for a spin and let us know what you think.

░░░ DEMO #9 - DEC 2019 ░░░

//  Additions

• Different weapon damage-types now add a special effect:
    • Laser attacks will leave a lingering effect, causing extra bleeding for a few rounds
    • Plasma splashes, damaging anything next to the target
    • A shot from a Gauss weapon will penetrate the first target
    • Disray damage will travel and hit additional nearby foes

//  Changes

• Updated sprite for vending machines
• Some improvements to how things get logged in the Combat log, regarding repeating messages
• Mouse-clicking can now path to locked Doors (and potentially open them)
• Light UI work - Equipped weapon comparison window now shows up next to the item in inventory

//  Under the hood / Bug fixes  

• Pathfinding performance improvements, especially for the final level
• Fixed countdown (i.e. the Drone explosion) showing on top of UI elements
• Massively reduced memory footprint from audio files (check your Unity import settings, kids!) 
• Some fixes and resilience updates for saving/loading
• Some chunky refactoring of the underlying code
• Zipped demo size down to 48mb from previous 64mb, haha - always ogg your wavs, everyone


Windows Demo [build #9, early December 2019] 47 MB
Dec 04, 2019
Mac Demo [build #9, early December 2019] 42 MB
Dec 10, 2019
Linux Demo [build #9, early December 2019] 44 MB
Dec 10, 2019

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Can't use F to shoot the guard in the Tutorial

Dang, thanks for reporting - managed to replicate it. 

I'll definitely fix it for the next update.

Sorry for the trouble, and again - thanks a lot for bringing it up.