Build #7 (Windows & Mac)

It's been a long time coming, but we're happy to announce a new build — just in time to get cozy with for the holiday season. 👻

Overall, it's a load of updates, both QoL and under the hood. Updated save/load system, new player abilities and modules, new equippable armor items, lighting system overhaul, a new dodging system, eye candy and behind-the-scenes tweaks ... a bunch to discover!

Welcome aboard the Aeon once again, and please send us a commlog with bugs, requests, and anything else.

Linux build to be added in the very near future. 


Windows Demo [build #7, 13th of October 2019] 62 MB
Oct 13, 2019
Mac Demo [build #7, 13th of October 2019] 69 MB
Oct 13, 2019

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