Build #12 (Windows & Mac)

The world has really gone to shit since the last build, but maybe this will help you take your mind off of things a bit.

░░░ DEMO #12 - JUN 2020 ░░░

// Additions

  • Buddy drone! Find the remains of one on the first floor & use a F-Kit to power ’em up. Your buddy is quite fragile & volatile, so beware!
  • A bunch of new modules, you can find them in the Chests. Just beware of them malfunctioning!
  • Credits have been added to the title screen. Go on and click on our links!

// Changes

  • Redesigned the Radar/Map - you’ll have to find the right Modules to take full advantage of it.
  • Redesigned tutorialization.
  • Rad new equipped Weapon sprites.
  • You’ll have to have a clear shot to be able to shoot now.
  • No longer able to shoot through/over a lot of things that should block a shot.
  • Filled out a lot of the Status effects in the Data panel.
  • Speaking of statuses - there are now tiny icons over the Player for a lot of them.
  • Improved - but definitely still not perfect - support for non-1080p resolutions. It’s a painful process but we’ll have to redesign some of our UI elements to support smaller/bigger screens..

// Quality-of-life things

  • You can no longer miss the various junk in the world (while out of combat)
  • Different AI actions have different delays - so you don’t have to wait as long for their movement.
  • Locked doors are no longer tied to specific Keycards.
  • Improved logging for a lot of things - like reloading, for example.
  • Playing with a mouse or a controller is now significantly friendlier
    • Lots of parts of the UI can be clicked now (reloading, ending a turn, leveling up…)
    • Clicking to try to move outside of bounds will now stop your movement.

// Under the hood / Bug fixes

  • Looots of various bug fixes.
  • The whole saving-loading system… should be more stable now. Here’s hoping!
  • A whole lot of work on in-Editor tools. Fun & hopefully useful too, a learning experience.
  • Some cool ways of spawning Entities from data files (potential for modding in the future)


Mac Demo [build #12, early June 2020] 42 MB
Jun 04, 2020
Windows Demo [build #14, August 2020] 45 MB
Version 5 Jun 04, 2020

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