Build #8 (Windows & Mac)

Hey all! We're making an effort to push regular updates. I still owe a Linux build from the last demo — holler in the comments and I'll get it built if there's a demand. Feedback and comments always appreciated, too!

░░░ DEMO #8 - NOV 2019 ░░░

//  Additions

  • • Treasure rooms - found a locked door? There's must be a keycard nearby...
  • Wider corridors - reduced "conga line" effect
  • New sounds - when toggling the Combat Log, when leveling up a stat
  • The Nurse has gained a powerful new ability - don't let her get out of your sight!
  • Your own Combat Knife has gained a nifty Lunge attack
  • Attacks will now pass through Spore Clouds, use this to your advantage (it'll still damage them!)

//  Changes

  • Tweaked vision range, attack accuracy and melee weapon damage - a lot of balancing
  • Walls sometimes now spawn with holes cut out
  • Adjusted wording on Combat Log messages - now referring to the Player as "You", logging damage and absorption differently
  • Distance calculation - using a different heuristic; diagonals are now less silly
  • Radiation can no longer be destroyed

//   UX / quality-of-life improvements 

  • Can no longer spend more Focus than needed to reach 100% accuracy

//  Under the hood / Bug fixes  

  • Performance improvements - now chunking some GameObjects, disabling them when unneeded
  • Big rewrites of Combat systems, some FOW and map generation
  • Fixed some potential memory leaks
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies with tiles
  • Fixed an issue where idle AI got infinitely stuck
  • Fixed being able to throw Grenades on top of Walls (might still happen if you miss) 
  • Various other small fixes & tweaks  👀


Windows Demo [build #8, late November 2019] 62 MB
Nov 21, 2019
Mac Demo [build #8, late November 2019] 59 MB
Nov 21, 2019

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