Build #5 (Windows, Mac & Linux)

A bunch of work has been done on EFA over the last 4 months, here's a changelog of the most important stuff:

  • In-game additions
    • Automatic saving on start of a floor so you can continue (if you don't die)
      A newer, better (faster, stronger) tutorial 
      Missing attacks will now fly further off-target and can hit something on the path (looks real cool!)
      You can now close doors (by pressing X and using 5 CU)
      ... but enemies can now destroy them!
    • Weapons now use ammo - a limited resource. Check the ammo boxes!
    • A cover system - accuracy gets reduced if you have to shoot "over" something
      • ... and for that "something", add decor into levels
      • along with vines, which are just visual - for now
    • Internal walls can now be destroyed
    • Environmental dangers: sludge & radiationd to slow you down & hurt you
    • Dogtag/bones system - find your previous incarnation and kill for some sweet loot
    • Some stat tracking - have to kill a monster a few times to find out info about them\
    • A new weapon - Revolver
    • Regen and Damage Amplifier modules in-game
  • In-game changes
    • Map generation process rework - read all about it in the devlog!
    • General re-balancing of enemies & weapons
    • Stims now cost some CU to use
  • UX improvements
    • Proper redesign & implementation for right-side panels in-game
    • Title screen redesigned a bit
    • Ending & Death screens redesigned as well
    • Weapon, melee weapon & suit now get automatically equipped
    • Turn automatically ends if you don't have enough CU to do anything
    • Right mouse click can be used to target in-game
    • Nicer logs
    • Stackable Stims in the inventory
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix pathfinding finding non-optimal paths quite often (changed out the entire library)
    • A ton of small bugs squashed, too much to list
  • Non-game
    • Lots of editor window work. Promise to write about it One Day.
  • Known issues
    • The game still doesn't support non-16/9 (or even non-1080p) resolutions properly, so some visuals may appear off.

I think that's quite a bit and I'm very happy with the progress made :)



Windows Demo [build #6, 9th of October 2018] 40 MB
Oct 08, 2018
Mac Demo [build #6, 9th of October 2018] 47 MB
Oct 09, 2018
*OUTDATED* Linux Demo [build #6, October 2018] 90 MB
Oct 09, 2018

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