Build #4

Demo build #4 - 3. of June, 2018.

• Armor can now modify your movement speed, but also has a strength requirement
• Multiple new enemies with special abilities
• Animations for most enemy abilities
• Floating numbers for health change (damage taken / health healed) & missed attacks  
• Health, armor, CU & status info in the top-left corner 
• Stims that will temporary affect your stats 
• Equipping a ranged weapon now automatically causes the first available ranged attack to be selected instead of melee
• Your health bar will now fade out if over 35% and not in combat
• Log improvements: prioritize enemy status, add some additional info
• Customized text for stuff like the Drone exploding to make more sense in the log
• Some enemies no longer spray blood upon death (wherever it makes thematical sense)
• If multiple pieces of loot are spawned from a death, they will now be spawned in different tiles if possible
• Two new prefab rooms
• New music and audio levels fiddled with
• New sound effect for Plasma-based attacks
• Sprite updates - including separate sprites for armor based on material
• Various smaller changes

Bug fixes:
• Fix explosion countdown not being destroyed when changing levels
• Fix "unique" enemies spawning at low health  
• Fix game trying to spawn ProjectilePhysical
• Fix some cases of prefab rooms spawning without exits properly handled
• Fix AI "dancing" when it can't do much else
• Fix Player not rotating when looking
• Change some cases of the game throwing an exception to log an error instead
• Various smaller fixes


• More consistent Random rolls when using the same seed


Windows Demo [build #4, 3. June 2018] 42 MB
Jun 03, 2018
Mac Demo [build #4, 3. June 2018] 42 MB
Jun 03, 2018
Linux Demo [build #4, 3. June 2018] 43 MB
Jun 03, 2018

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